• Nutri - fun- tastic!
    We give you and your kids reasons to enjoy, learn, cook and move together.
    Remember, it takes 2 tango ;), this time it's with your kids!
    Poshan - Cure thru Diet brings to you a unique nutrition and active kids program for your kids wherein you get to be a part of it and see your kids getting interested in healthy games and activities. Who knows they whip up a healthy dressing for the family sandwich next time!
    Here's what a Mom like you, had to say about our workshop.

    Dear Ujjwala, 

    Thank you for a very informative and interactive workshop on optimum nutrition. 

    Your workshop was an eye- opener for us as you dispelled some myths that we have been believing in. 

    During the session it was also very useful to plan various menus keeping in mind a balanced meal. It has definitely helped me to focus on this aspect better while deciding a meal for my family. 

    My children also found your workshop very interesting as your play-way method kept them focused. They are  definitely more inclined towards a healthy meal ever since. 

    We shared a good comfort zone with you . Thank you so much for your dedication and passion for spreading awareness of the benefits that an optimum meal can bring about for everyone especially growing children who have to also withstand stiff academic pressures. 

    Wish you good luck! 
    Supriya, (mother of 2 boys)





    We are passionate about raising healthy kids; and mind you, our passion is infectious!
    We like to put different things together like: Fun + Health = Family Bonding
    We are professional workshopists: we have learned from and conducted many workshops, we like to mix things up to give a timeless topic like parent child relationship new flavours.
     Oh, and we love tasty food!
    We explore elements like in a (mad) scientist's lab
    We want you to not just listen to what we have to share, we want you to experience it: feel it, knock a few chairs down (we will make sure you are safe too) and lock it in your muscle memory.

    When & Where?

    26th September

    9:30 am - 11:30 am 

    Parc Oasis Function Room
    Open for kids 5 - 10 yrs


    Good Things come at a small price!
    10 SGD for a pair of Parent Child
     15 SGD for Parent with 2 kids


    Loads of fun and bonding
    Learn to club health, fitness and fun together in a family way

    Ujjwala Baxi
     Registered Dietitian 
    Diabetes Educator


    Poshan - Cure thru Diet

    10 years of experience in helping individuals and families meet their health goals in the most customised and practical ways.

    Ujjwala Baxi is a Health Promotion Board Ambassador
    & also an Accreditted Nutritionist by SNDA
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    Let us know how we can help you better.
    Tell us about your preferences of day (weekday/ weekend), time, what are your expectations from the program, what are the problems you face, the topics you want our help with.
    We promise that we will do our best to cover your interest!
    We care to hear from you!